Rough Rider History

Theodore Roosevelt (18581919).  The Rough Riders.  1899. - MUSTER-OUT ROLL

Roosevelt Bar - Minger Hotel San Antonio Texas

 It was in this bar that Teddy Roosevelt recruited many of his Rough Riders, volunteers for the American volunteer Cavalry in the Spanish-American war.

1st Us Volunteer Calvary - Rough Riders Company K at Roosevelt Park, San Antonio, TX 23 May 1898
Rough Rider - Geared Up !
Arlington National Cemetery
Rough Riders - Roosevelt Park 1898, San Antonio TX
Regiment of Rough Riders, Longpoint, NY
San Juan Hill, Cuba
Roosevelt Horseback at San Juan Hill, Cuba
Interment of Rough Riders at Arlington national cemetery April 6 1899
Yucatan - Voyage to Cuba
Rough Rider Regimental Flag
Roosevelt & Officers
Rough Riders at San Juan Hill - Close-Up
Teddy Himself
Little Texas - Roosevelt's War Horse May 20 1898
Mustering Out - Montauk Pt. New York Sept 15, 1898
Rough Rider Monument - Arlington National Cemetery
Regimental Drill at Roosevelt Park - San Antonio, Tx

23 May 1898

Roosevelt & Captain in Cuba
Roosevelt  In Study









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